Interesting images

Interesting images

Every now and again we come across an interesting, remarkable or amazing image of the iconic Bell Tower. If you have an image you would like to share, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

Carved into one of the reveals of the belfry louvres (west face, southern louvre, northern reveal), is a note that says something like: “A man jumped from this window April 12th 1818” Fascinating….

Inspired by local landmark buildings, but most especially the Bell Tower, Kitty Kovacevic has created this extraordinary composte graphite work (this was part of her most recent exhibition at Number 8 Community Arts Centre):

Evesham's Bell Tower by Kitty Kovacevic

Evesham’s Bell Tower by Kitty Kovacevic

A short gallery; first of a wedding cake (see what’s on top!) and two striking images by Jeff Nice (Vale of Evesham Camera Club):

A wonderful winter scene (photo taken by Merry Privett); this image also available as an excellent mounted picture:
Evesham Bell Tower and two churches

Have you heard about the Bell Tower trophy? This beautiful solid silver trophy awarded as part of the famous Evesham Regatta:
Evesham Rowing Crew with Bell Tower trophy

Also, wonderfully, a little brown teapot for Evesham plus a cardboard Bell Tower!

The view from the Bell Tower of two of our town’s churches:

Many thanks to everyone who kindly gave us permission to use their images.

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