May 2015

May 2015

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Week 2: w/c 4th May 2015

Scaffold deliveries began, with the delivery vehicle parked adjacent to All Saints’ Church and materials carried by hand and stored under the Bell Tower. There was a site meeting with both the main contractor and the scaffolding sub-contractor to discuss scaffold erection. Unfortunately there is a problem regarding the scaffold design and there are concerns relating to the specified ‘independent’ scaffold. Although there will be a delay with the scaffold design, the main contractor is confident this can be made up during the main contract phase. The Bell Tower was inspected to ascertain where the scaffolding could be potentially connected or braced; interestingly there is potential to secure the scaffold to the Bell frame foundation steel work (subject to approval by the project Architect and also the Ringing Master!).

Heavy rain and strong wind on Tuesday 5th May; the next morning we found the site fencing had blown over to the east of the tower. Additional support installed by the scaffolding contractor to prevent a reoccurrence.

Week 3: w/c 11th May 2015

Initial scaffold base design received on Tuesday to allow erection to commence on Wednesday. Key meetings with the scaffolding team to ensure no disruption to church and churchyard. The existing metal railings to west of the bell tower found to be preventing erecting of base of scaffold. To remedy the problem, the majority of bolts were removed, with those remaining bolts found to be too rusty for removal without serious equipment (this will happen next week).

Week 4: w/c 18th May 2015

Scaffold erection continuing however progress seems slow due to awaited scaffold design. The scaffolding crew have been continuing well under the circumstances. The metal railings that surrounded the tower have now been removed and stored onsite. Arrangements have been made with the project architect and contract site manager to discuss the delayed scaffold design. Details of the temporary pathways issued to Lynn Stevens at Wychavon District Council to ensure they are satisfactory (all confirmed as acceptable). Previous plan was to take temporary water supply from Abbey Park; however this is no longer possible due to issues with the restoration of the old bowling green cafe. An alternative supply to be sourced. The scaffold crew onsite are doing all they can under the circumstances and are being contentious and courteous.

Week 5: w/c 25th May 2015

Site meeting with the project architect on Wednesday to inspect the scaffolding. No scaffold operatives found onsite. Water supply issues investigated and a temporary alternative source identified. Project architect satisfied with the scaffold erection so far and happy for the erection works to continue. Also site meeting with contract manager (Lisa Etherton of SSHC) to discuss progress. Understand that the scaffold contractors are now awaiting a delivery of suitable scaffold boards to continue with the work (which is why not on site much this week). Completed contracts; these will be signed and returned to the project architect. Later in the week learned that the site fencing had been found to be insecure, so temporary fixes sorted out.

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