June 2015

June 2015

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All images copyright Stan Brotherton or Ian Povey

Week 6: w/c 1st June 2015

Scaffolders back working onsite, but high winds on Tuesday prevented erection due to safety reasons. Additional scaffold boards have been delivered to allow the erection to continue. Some concerns expressed regarding the temporary paths (including by the Evesham Vale 10K race committee, who have been amazing supporters of the appeal). A site visit arranged to discuss the potential options. By Wednesday four lifts of scaffold had been completed and checked over and found to be excellent.

An accident has occurred with  a scaffold pole knocking a stone crocket (above the west window) causing the stone to break off and land on the scaffolding. Luckily no injuries, and the section of stone will be removed, recorded and stored; to allow it to be reinstated later during the project.

On Friday it was reported that children had been spotted on the scaffold. This had been reported to the police and to the scaffolders. The scaffolders requested to ensure that the fencing is closed properly and double clipped every night. Contacted scaffolders to ask about erecting the secondary hoarding sooner rather than later.

Week 7: w/c 8th June 2015

Works have been continuing but not at a pace that reflects the project programme. The scaffold contractor has experienced issues with the design, with maintaining the site operatives, and with ensuring right materials are onsite. A report requested from SSHC to explain the delays and to detail measures to reduce, or even remove, this delay. Awaiting final confirmation of the ‘slip’ in programme.

Very impressed with the work undertaken by the operatives onsite. They have done a very high quality job so far and have been courteous to members of the public. The site operatives have also been quick to react to any issues that have arisen. Sadly they have been subject to a certain level of abuse from certain passers-by, to which they have reacted well and continued with their work.

There have been a number of break-ins to the site by local school children who have been seen on the scaffolding. The police have been contacted on every occasion but have attended the site only once; they have stated they are unable to do anything unless someone is caught. During the project the Bell Tower and area inside the fencing are under the control of the main contractor (SSHC) who are also responsible for any incidents that occur. They have reacted well and have ensured that additional security hoarding has been erected sooner than planned.

Week 8: w/c 15th June 2015

The scaffolding continues to go up, slowly but surely. Children were spotted on the scaffold on Monday 15th June. The children left the site once they had been noticed and the police were informed. On Tuesday 16th June additional security hoarding was under construction. Potential issue identified regarding a tree branch that could potentially be climbed to access the site; arrangements (agreed with the Town Clerk) made to have the tree branch removed on Wednesday 17th June. New hoarding completed by Wednesday 17th June, with additional chains and padlocks fitted around the site to improve security. A Community Support Officer (CSO) visited the site and was informed of the issues.

Site meeting with Colin Tether and Jill Moore from the Evesham Vale 10k Race Committee. To ensure the temporary pathways were suitable for the race, a series of actions agreed.

Thursday 18th June an on-site progress meeting with Lisa (SSHC), Stan Brotherton and Ian Povey. Lisa stated that the time lost by the scaffold erection will be made up during the stone repair phase.

Scaffold alarms installed on 18th and 19th June. The internals of the Bell Tower were inspected for suitable power supply point. If the alarm goes off, there are two points of contact. Once all complete the alarms were armed. On the 19th learned that the alarm had been going off all evening. Contact back onsite a short while later to disarm the alarm. The alarm was switched off over the weekend.

Initial inspection of stonework undertaken; there seem to be areas where the erosion is bad (especially on the buttresses).

Photographs taken on 18th June 2015:

Week 9: w/c 22nd June 2015

Work undertaken on the footpath and completed. Large stones removed from the paths, New self-binding gravel sourced and purchased, and additional compaction undertaken to create tougher surface. Additional tarmac also added to the ramps to create a shallower angle and improve access.

There has been a delay with the delivery of the stone. The groundworkers decided to leave site for now and return on the 26th once the stone had arrived. Work currently estimated at 3 to 4 weeks behind schedule.

Ongoing erection of scaffolding… to provide rigidity the scaffold has been tied into the Bell Frame at louvre level on all four sides. This was undertaken on the 25th under the supervision of Chris Povey (the ringing master). Connections have been undertaken on the east and west faces, and all seems satisfactory. Sadly, on the evening of 27th June children were again spotted on the scaffolding.

Week 10: w/c 29th June 2015

There was a break-in over the weekend, and the hoarding was found to have been crowbarred open in the north east corner of the site. Photos taken and the police informed. The scaffolders made repairs and reinforced the hoarding. The alarm sensors were inspected and all found to be OK; the scaffolders have been instructed to ensure the alarm is set every night. Access through the security hoarding is currently covered by a sheet of metal; a gate will be fitted as soon as possible to improve access.

Progress continues to be slow, and proposed completion date of the 3rd July will not be met. Temporary water connection completed.

Following photographs taken 27th June 2015:

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