July 2015

July 2015

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Week 11: w/c 6th July 2015

Informed by the Church Office that there will be a burial of ashes on Tuesday 7th at 10.30am. Information passed to the operatives onsite to ensure that their lorry was not onsite at the time, and that works ceased while the burial taking place.

A response has now been received by Lisa (SSHC) regarding the programme. A site meeting has been requested for the 15th July, with a number of key folks in attendance.

Gravel board has been removed ready for the race 10K race on Sunday 12th June. Photographs taken and sent to Colin Tether for approval prior to the race. Temporary fencing purchased on Friday; to be erected as late as possible to prevent any potential vandalism. In the end the fence was erected on Sunday 12th at 8.00am. Feedback later received from Jill Moore (Race Director) on 12th to provide thanks for undertaking the works – all measures undertaken were a success.

Communications undertaken with Antonia Coles relating to the Battle of Evesham anniversary weekend and the potential contributions by the Bell Tower Appeal. Presently awaiting confirmation of potential costs for creating banners and supporting the celebrations. Have requested potentials costings from Antonia.

This week sees the scaffolding finally reach the base of the pinnacles!

These photographs taken on 11th July 2015:

Week 12: w/c 13th July 2015

On 13th June the temporary scaffold was removed from the temporary pathways. Meeting on the 15th June SSHC and the project architect. The scaffold was climbed and an initial inspection undertaken on stonework. Scaffold still not complete, but very close; final part if to provide access to the pinnacles. It is intended that this final part of the scaffolding will be complete by 17th July, or by 22nd July, depending on progress.

It was decided that stone work repairs can commence on the 20 July even though the scaffold may not be complete. The initial process will be to undertake initial cleaning works, using just a dry brush method. The reasoning for this is to allow SSHC operatives to work safely, side by side with the scaffolders. The cleaned surface will allow defects to be identified more easily during the Face Inspection.

Richard Brooke (Architect) has been provisionally booked to attend site on Wednesday 29 July to commence the face inspection. In the meantime the Project Manager climbed the scaffold to a point just below the pinnacles, and undertook a further inspection. The condition of the stone at the higher levels seems to be in better condition than the stone at lowers levels.

SSHC foreman now on-site; he seems happy and confident about the scope of works (always a good sign!). The contractor welfare office / store is programmed for delivery during w/c 20th July. We are presently some four to five weeks behind the initial programme, but SSHC have confirmed again that this will be made up during the stonework phase. SSHC also confirmed that the delay will have no financial implications, as the delays were caused purely by SSHC’s contractors.

Since the site break a few weeks ago, there seems to have been no further security issues. This is a big relief! Finally we will be commencing the stonework. This is a huge relief after waiting so long for the scaffold to be erected. It is anticipated now that the time lost during the last 10 weeks will be clawed back and we can get back on programme.

These pictures taken 18th July 2015:

Week 13: w/c 20th July 2015

Ian Povey, the Project Manager, inducted the contractors on to the site. Due to the continuing erection of the scaffold, two conservators will initially be onsite to prevent problems with site safety. Site keys officially issued to SSHC. The tower will be cleaned prior to the face inspection, currently scheduled for next week.

Scaffold erection is continuing. It had initially been thought that it would be complete this week however, following inspection from SSHC, the scaffold around the pinnacles was found to be too low to allow the removal of the weather vanes. SSHC have instructed Jones Scaffold to modify the scaffold prior to leaving site. Due to high winds being experienced during the 20th July, the scaffolders had to stop work at the top of the tower.

Security doorway has now been supplied by the scaffold company. Previously a metal panel had been screwed over the access doorway which provided excellent security but caused issues when visiting site out of hours if the alarm activated. This is happening numerous times throughout the evenings and Ian Povey is visiting site every time to check for intruders. As no intruders have been found it is believed this is due to bird movement.

SSHC Welfare cabin delivered on the 23rd July and positioned within the Contractor’s compound. Church House informed of this delivery to ensure no cars parked by Church Gates. In summary SSHC finally have a permanent presence on site; previously the day-to-day management of the scaffolders was being undertaken by the project manager, Ian Povey, until now. The scaffolding is not yet complete; the modifications to the pinnacle scaffold needs to be undertaken whilst the scaffolders are still onsite (otherwise additional delays will be caused).

Week 14: w/c 27th July 2015

The Project Manager, Ian Povey, was onsite on the 29th and 30th July to witness the face inspection with SSHC and Richard Brook (the project architect). Due to works still continuing on the pinnacles, the inspection was undertaken from the parapets down to ground floor level. From information received from this initial inspection, it seems that the defective areas on the tower can be rectified within the allocated budget and should not attract any additional costs. However, the Scope of Works may vary slightly as some areas are better than expected whilst some are worse. It has been requested that the original drawings be revised to illustrate the variances of the scope.

Brushing of the stone is continuing from the top down. This is a slow but important stage of works. It is intended that the face inspection will be completed next week now access to the pinnacles in available.

On the 31st July, the scaffold erection was finally completed. This was a big relief to everyone as progress had seemed to slow further, even though a lot of effort had been made by all parties to speed the process up. It should be stressed that the scaffold is of excellent quality.

We had been approached by the organisers of the Battle of Evesham Anniversary celebrations to see whether the appeal would support the celebrations by paying for the hoarding to be completely covered with banners. Costings were requested; and a cost was received this week of over £4000 which seemed excessive for temporary banners and there are no guarantees given that the banners would meet the criteria set out by the appeal and the Heritage Lottery Fund. Following discussions with Stan Brotherton, it was decided that we would select 2 of the banner designs which showed relevance to the Bell Tower and pay for them to be printed. The designs were confirmed this week and will be ready for collection next week, ready for the Anniversary weekend.

The Project Manager was called to site on the 31st July due to the alarm being triggered during the afternoon. Site inspected at 7.00pm but no issues found. Water supply fed to site and fitted with tap and hose connection for the contractor: SSHC will be running a hose to the top of the tower. Ian Povey (Project Manager) requested that non-return valves be installed in the hose line to ensure the head of pressure was not transferred back to the supply from the Boiler Room (the head of pressure would be almost 4 bar from almost 40 metres of rise). This has been undertaken.

Photographs taken 29th July 2015:

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