We have done a lot of work, and have received a lot of help, and we’re incredibly close to the final target! Many, many thanks to everyone who has helped!

The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) awarded up to £200,000 (£37,800 for the Development phase and £162,200 for the Delivery phase). The HLF development funding was given on a first round pass – indicating that the HLF believes the project has the potential to deliver high quality outcomes and value for lottery money. Stan Brotherton, the appeal’s treasurer, said:

“There is significant national competition for limited lottery funds, and we are absolutely thrilled that we’ve been awarded funding towards the development work.”

Reyahn King, head of Heritage Lottery Fund West Midlands, added:

“This Grade one listed bell tower has many significant historic features and we look forward to receiving the detailed plans for its conservation.”

This award of the Delivery phase was provisional and dependent on the successful completion of the Development Phase and raising of matching funds. We are pleased to say that match-funding was raised, and the Stan Brotherton acted as the Project Manager for the Development Phase and saw that phase through to a successful completion.

Evesham Town Council awarded an amount from New Homes Bonus (NHB). Following detailed review and discussion by the town and district councils, we learned on 22 July 2014, subject to a number of conditions, that an award of £50,000 for the Bell Tower Project has been confirmed. This sum has now been received.

A grant from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) should be available against eligible works once completed. This grant will be against a limited pot of cash, so a prudent estimate of the figure receivable was included.

The appeal received donations from OVER 950 DONATIONS (over 800 donors) – ranging from sizeable amounts to small gifts. These have either come in directly, or via sponsorship of those raising funds for the Appeal! Thank you to everyone who has helped! Every penny helps!

Significant amounts have been raised by the Friends and by Evesham Parochial Church Council (PCC). For those who may be interested: the Friends of Evesham Parish Church and Bell Tower (“the Friends”) are a warm and welcoming group and well worth joining – have a look at their Membership Leaflet. We are very grateful to the Friends for all their hard work!

We have been busy applying to a range of grant-making bodies to help raise funds for the Bell Tower Appeal. We are thrilled to have received support from:

Read more about the National Churches Trust (NCT) on our dedicated page!

The appeal also received the generous sum of £2,000 from the Worcestershire Councillor Divisional Fund (Cllrs Bob Banks, Clive Holt and John Smith).

We have enjoyed a rich mix of excellent fund-raising events; from stalls and collections, concerts and gigs, a ceilidh and talks. Read all about past events in our dedicated sections:

We have received strong support from local organisations (both financial and practical assistance) and from many individuals. Thank you to everyone!

We raised enough to pay for the Development phase (check out the gallery) and there should be enough for the Delivery phase (the required repair work now underway). The risk is that some unforeseen expenses will be incurred once the detailed conservation gets underway. There is a contingency pot to pay for some additional costs – but that all depends on how much any extra will cost!

The figure below provides an overview of key sources of funding:

All monies raised will be spent on the Evesham Abbey Bell Tower; if we have any amounts left over then it will be spent on future work and maintenance of this amazing and iconic building!

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