Cracked and badly weathered stone in windows

These were in a largely fair condition with the exception of the most exposed sections (i.e. ornamental dripstones). While the latter were in a far better condition than those to the gateways below, a fair amount of deterioration was still evident. Apart from 1 no. crocket to the west side, all of the crockets and both finials were still intact. A close-up inspection revealed a quite bad crack to 1no crocket to the west side with cracks to a section of the dripstone and part of the jamb to the east elevation. Emergency repairs were carried out to prevent a potential failure of the stone in the short term. Quite severe erosion plus other deterioration was seen to sections of the transoms and mullions to the east windows. The west window was in a much better condition. A previous large and ugly cement/sand repair was noted to part of the north jamb of the west window.