Evesham Abbey Bell Tower

Evesham Abbey Bell Tower

In 2012 some large pieces of stone fell from the Bell Tower. This was a stark sign of the need for repair and renovation. In August and September 2012 urgent inspection and interim maintenance was undertaken, which identified the scale of the damage to the fabric and the need for significant restoration and conservation work. A professional report identifying the scope of required work, with indicative costs (up to £500k), was produced in March 2013. The scope of the work was daunting; after all, the Bell Tower is some 110 feet tall and would require scaffolding from tip to toe.

Although the Bell Tower looked wonderful (especially from a distance) when examined closely the damage was all too apparent. Some fund-raising was carried out in the summer of 2013 – with an official launch on 6th June 2013 – but much of the year was dedicated to detailed planning for a major fund-raising effort in 2014. This effort ran alongside the Development phase of the project.

The Development phase, which ran from October 2013 to September 2014, completed successfully with a detailed and fully costed specification of the work required. As sufficient funding has been secured the Delivery phase started in April 2015, running until April 2016 when the final pieces of scaffolding were removed. Fund-raising continued during the early stages of the work, with the Evesham Journal announcing the end of the appeal on 16th July 2015.

The project recorded the Bell Tower’s condition, identified appropriate repairs, and then undertook those repairs. The project also provided the Evesham community, and the public in general, with information about the Bell Tower’s heritage and conservation. The research and analysis will inform better future conservation and management of the building. Alongside these important fabric repairs, the fund-raising appeal brought the town together with a series of social and other events which were great fun, much appreciated, and helped fund the restoration of Evesham’s iconic landmark.

This website tells the story of the damage, the Development phase, the Delivery work, the fund-raising, and an amazing range of fun fund-raising events, which have helped restore and conserve this amazing building!

A remarkable building like the Bell Tower will always require ongoing maintenance and support. Donations are always welcome! Indeed, a few fund-raising events are still being held! Many thanks to everyone who supported this important local heritage project!

On this website you can read all about the amazing Bell Tower Appeal, and all about the superb conservation work undertaken to the iconic Bell Tower! Many thanks to everyone who has made the appeal, and the project, such a success for the town of Evesham!

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